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Transformers Dinobot Hunt

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Game Description:

Super online game Transformers Dinobot Hunt that you will like. This game is one of the best games on the internet and Transformers Dinobot Hunt can play for free without installing on your computer. Enjoy also the online game and do not forget the other great games in the category of Transformers. We want to be prepared and have loads of games with your favorite characters, because we want you to enjoy spending your time by playing games on our site game 

Do you boys know what's the Transformer's special power? Well, if you didn't, you should know that they have the great ability to turn themselves into whatever they want, because they are very flexible machines. In today's game, the Transformers are turning themselves into some sort of dinosaurs called dinobot. The games from the Transformers category are specially created for boys, and this game is a great adventure games for every fan of the Transformers team, which we know they are so many. In this game, you will play the dinobot's role, and you will have to fight their enemies and complete each mission, successfully. So,come on boys, your friends from the Transformers team are waiting for your help. Just guide the dinobot through the levels of the game and make sure it completes every required mission. Have fun boys! Enjoy , free play game online on

How to play:

Arrows to move ,Spacebar to attack

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