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Robot Brother Lab Adventure

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Game Description:

Robot Brother Lab Adventure "It is a lovely classic platform jump game in which the main hero is the cool robot. This adventure game offers great graphics, environments, easy controls and great gameplay"
Move a bot and his robot brother in a lab adventure. Save the world of men in this platform game for two players. Solve puzzles and finish every level. Don’t let the evil scientist destroy the world as we know it. Use each one’s special ability and count with both to stop the plan.
 "The graphics drew attention. Though simple, they fit well in the game's theme creating a great experience for the players."
Robot Brother Lab Adventure is a classical Platform / Jump and Run game like Super Mario and Sonic.
Help a freshly assembled robot on his super adventure. Built in a dark laboratory you need to go out to get to know the world. 
In every level the robot learns more about life and the world becomes more colorful and beautiful.
The game offers :
- Different worlds
- Different enemies in every world
- Awesome soundtrack 
- Upgrade your character 
- Get your daily Reward
- High resolution graphics 
- Easy controls 
- Classic platform game style 
- Leaderboard 
- Achievements
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How to play:

In game.

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