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Life in the jungle in never an easy task, and if you had to grow up there, just like in the case of Mowgli's, then you need to find a way to survive, and the only way to survive is learning tricks and skills that normally, no one should have to learn. For example, our friend here, Mowgli, has learned how to use a boomerang, in order to get rid of his enemies. We invite you to try out the latest game that our team has uploaded, specially for you, Mowgli Play, and come and join him in another one of his adventures. Mowgli loves to play in the jungle, and one of his favorite activities is snake shooting. Help Mowgli shoot the snakes with the boomerangs. You have a certain target to achieve, and only 10 boomerangs to use on each level. We wish you all good luck and we truly hope that you are going to have such a great time with him today. Enjoy another fun game!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tags: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park Games, Jurassic World Games, Other Robot & Animal

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