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Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter 3D

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Game Description:

Check your survival skills in the wilderness. Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter Simulator 3D is the most realistic survival game featuring fast-paced combat, diverse environments, and over-the-top action. Hunt the most ferocious animals in the history of mankind become the Real Dinosaur Hunter! Find food, place a camp, build a house, defend yourself against attacks of dinosaur and wild animals, improve your weapons and tools. In this game, you are completely on your own. Your objective is to survive gathering resources to build weapons, walls, clothes and much more. Hunt and defend yourself from wild animals and beware of other dangerous creatures. You may not be the only human out there. This is a true survival challenge with 3D graphics that explore the true feeling of surviving. Craft, collect and survive every day. Good luck!  Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on Thank you for play!

How to play:

WASD = move, Mouse = view / attack, Space = jump, E = interact, TAB = inventory.

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