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Jeep Dino Hunter

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Game Description:

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Welcome to the world of prehistoric land of the dinosaurs! You control a powerful Jeep equipped with weapons and went into the forest to destroy the ferocious dinosaur protect human life. Be a brave warrior, and is a great superhero.
A thrilling adventure awaits you when you enter this world's history before Killer Dinosaurs and dangerous terrain. As soon as you play this game, you feel like entering a world of giant Trex Dinos. The only way to survive the life that you have to control Jeep and kill dinosaurs with guns.
This game is a perfect blend of Automotive Vehicle simulation games and Prehistoric Era Jurassic this is not a racing game where you can drive fast and be done with each level . Are you a driver is highly skilled to drive around the terrain and use the available weapons in the car to destroy the dinosaurs.
Be part of the world of dinosaurs, and experience one of the thrilling new games 2015
When playing this game you will feel the great features that await you in this game!
- One of the driving physics simulation possible.
- Vehicles Jeep personality and strong
- Driving is easy via the arrow keys on your keyboard
- Quality beautiful graphics, rich sound
- Drive through the varied terrain.
So please do not wait and play together in this free game on
I wish you happy and fun!

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control Jeep and space bar to shoot

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