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Hero vs Dinosaurs Kids

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Game Description:

A group from the different world of monsters and dinosaurs dangerous invaded the big island, snatched the baby kingdom books and text. Now need a hero to embarked on a journey of adventure, determined to get back their own totem, it is extremely valuable wisdom. This is the first small and medium-sized comprehensive knowledge adventure game. Pass through the type of play, with the thrills of the story, the children and primary school children must be a comprehensive class of knowledge into the perfect game to go! . . Can fully stimulate the child's interest, so he unknowingly filled with thirst for knowledge. Children naturally like the game, rather than stifle nature, it is better to be guided, so that children get better growth! Good luck! a fun game for children, with beautiful graphics. We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game online on

How to play:

Once the game is loaded click on 2 PLAYs - then click on Level 1 and select the character to start the game

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