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Game Description:

Take on the mantle of Hercules and travel through the desolated world filled with monsters, demons, and abominations in this classic platformer game – Gods. Collect a variety of gems and power-ups to earn more points and complete the level. Good luck! The game features a difficulty level setting that adapts to the skills of the one playing it and features the ability to manipulate the thief’s A.I. to solve some puzzles. The game is very difficult, but losing and dying in this game is quite forgiving as compared to some games on the same era. The game itself has some very nice graphics and music, making it one of the gems on its age. Much fun! Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on Thank you for play!

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move

Z to attack
X to jump
Space – Select
Enter – Start.

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