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Dinosaurs and Meteors

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Game Description:

Dinosaurs and Meteors game: The Dinosaurs already know what damage meteors can bring with them. That is why they learned how to protect themselves. Destroy the meteors and unlock new dinosaurs with new abilities!

How to play:

Prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs by shooting the falling meteors in Dinosaurs and Meteors. Meteors of different sizes are falling from the sky, place dinosaurs with different abilities to shoot them down. Abilities include laser sight and homing missiles. Shoot down as many as possible, if a dino is hit it dies.
The dinosaurs are contained in eggs, hatch your dinosaur to place it on the terrain. Meteors fall in waves, the more you shoot down, the more points you score. Survive the wave by making sure at least one of your dinosaurs survives. Some dinosaurs shoot on their own, others you guide their attacks. Game over when all your dinosaurs are dead.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot down meteors.

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