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Dino Archeological Dig

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Game Description:

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The Lego figurines are very active, dynamic and cute characters, they are always doing and building something, except this time, this time the game will be different. The Legos are not building new worlds, remaking movie scenes and so on, but, they are actually searching for something, some proves and evidence of the prehistoric Lego figurines, meaning Lego dinosaurs. If we, as humans, had our share of dinosaurs and archeological discoveries, why souldn't they have them too? Come and join the Lego figurines in a new awesome and fun game, where you will have a lot to learn about the past, or should we say, the beginning? What you have to do is to help the Legos find the Lego dinosaurs bones in each archeological site. Have fun! Free play game online on

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

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