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Adventures Of Dino Riki Nintendo

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Game Description:

Play the game: Adventures Of Dino Riki Nintendo 

Players have full control over DinoRiki's movement, allowing both horizontal and vertical movement. However, because he is stuck on the ground, the player has to be careful to walk DinoRiki around obstacles that would impede his progress while simultaneously taking down the waves of enemies that fly in constantly. DinoRiki can often find power-ups by defeating enemies and destroying smaller obstacles in his path, such as plants. These will increase his firepower (turning his basic weapon into powerful axes and boomerangs - common weapons for Hudson protagonists) and speed as well as replenish his health (unlike many shoot-em-up protagonists, DinoRiki can take several hits before dying) and increase the player's score. A difficult aspect of this game is avoiding instant death traps like large bodies of water, which need to be jumped over, and getting caught by the constantly scrolling screen. Have fun , free play game online on

How to play:

Use arrow keys for D-Pad 

Use X, C, V, B and S, D, F, G for buttons 
Use Space for Select / Insert Coin 
Use Enter for Start

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